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September 14, 2005
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Dragging me down with you... by MPsai Dragging me down with you... by MPsai
:target: DISCLAIMER ZOMG :target:
This image in no way reflects "The Story From Hell" story canon. Okay? So don't get any ideas! :XD:

Now that thats out of the way... I'm sorry.. I'm weak.. I'm very weak. It was going to happen eventually. I have a comic concept full of androgynous bishonen for crying out loud.

I decided to make three shonen ai/yaoi-ish illustrations of me Angel boys to sell at Anime Weekend Atlanta (the others are still being worked on and this came out nice and the cyst in my right arm hurts T_T ). Yes these are rather indulgent and pointless but I figure its easier to part with something that isn't relevant to the series :XD: and of course is more than a tad fanservicey.

However in the case of this one, which came out much darker and made Azrael and Lucifer look much more like angst-muffins than I intended, it still reflects their personalities, and their odd friendship. Especially Lucifer's rather possessive look. (And just for you Azrael fans I made sure he looked uncomfortable about this). Azrael was, of course, the first to follow Lucifer in the rebellion against God, and is still loyal to him even though he really gets sick of Lucifer sometimes. Not to mention he's pretty much Lucifer's only true friend.

I drew the wings a little differently here (and in the other ones) too, because I intended them to be small like I draw them in gag comics sometimes. I think I like it.

And don't worry even though I'm selling the original later this month (hopefully) at AWA there will be prints.

India Ink on Bristol Board
Prismacolor Marker
Colored Pencil
White Ink
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OffTheChain2 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yaoi desu ka? Smexy <3 their eyes say "we need privacy. move!" XD
VernonX9000 Featured By Owner May 23, 2006
This is the piece you did and showed Az in your comic, right? Awesome how you tied the real world to your comic world :thumbsup:
Bristol, eh? Have you ever tried Illustration board? It's what I use for my original pages and I like it alot better than Bristol. I can throw down as much ink as I want without worrying about it getting all wavy. And since I ink with a Crow Quill dipping pen, it's great because it doesn't snag.
MPsai Featured By Owner May 23, 2006   Digital Artist
I use crow quills as well, they do snag but you just gotta learn not to ink against the grain of the paper :p from what I know of illustration board it's expensive, but I would like to try it out sometime. :lol: Maybe I'll grab some the next time I order stuff from Dick Blick.
VernonX9000 Featured By Owner May 23, 2006
Yeah, illustration board can be pricey. I found some at a pretty good price through and ended up ordering a case of the stuff (it's generally cheaper the more you get). I've experimented with a variety of brands and styles and the one I've stuck with for the past 5 years is Bainbridge Hot Press 1000. Good stuff there!
MPsai Featured By Owner May 23, 2006   Digital Artist
Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out sometime =D
Maylora Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2006   Traditional Artist
*looks* :love: *thinks Azrael is hotter than Lucifer*
AngelofMint Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2006
i like it :D
JaymanJohn Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2006
it's manual ??? :omfg:
auryn Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Hmmm..I'm gonna have to try a painting on bristol board sometime. It always seems that colours turn out a lot smoother on it. This peice is really nice, you've got some great texture going on in the background, and the characters have really rich, deep colours. Their positions seems pretty good and flexible too. The only recomendation I have to make is for if you try using a similar powe in another painting; the dark haired man looks like he's just draped over the boy, not like he's holding him at all. With that in mind, it doesn't seem like the boy should be so comfortably glued to him.
Otherwise, absolutely delightful!
MPsai Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2006   Digital Artist
Well the glossy quality to it could also have something to do with me coating all my trad work in a clear matte spray =P, it helps preserve things and helps to bring out the line and color I've found.
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